Here Is How I Stayed In Shape While Traveling the World for 365 Days

Whether it be for pleasure, business, or a search for higher meaning, at some point in our lives we all get out of the little cocoons built in our homes and visit other countries. For some, it’s a 5-day holiday, while for others it’s a two week getaway from the hectic planning and scheduling of everyday life.

For me, it was for 365 days. In other words, I spent the entire year traveling and enjoying life to its fullest. But maybe my most significant achievement was staying in shape for the whole duration of my adventure.

Before leaving for this trip, I managed to keep healthy Thanks to FitnessVerve. I went out and purchased a treadmill that I used each night while watching TV or even playing video games. But for my journey, more preparation, particularly mental, was required:

You Can Work Out Anywhere, at Any Time!

When most of us think of exercising, we imagine torturing ourselves using weight machines or being hamsters for hours on end. But when you’re exploring the globe, your habits (i.e., eating certain times, going to the gym) go out the window. Instead, you can replace them with something even more exciting and adventurous: going outside, hiking, swimming, anything that reminds you that being alive is incredible.

I could go down the route of “you only live once,” but that shouldn’t be your motivation. Traveling with a backpack while using all your savings is designed to make you feel more in touch with life, including yourself. In some cases you might actually pick up some backpacker jobs to keep you fit. Do some squats while at Machu Picchu, trail the Great Wall of China –these are still exercises that will improve your health and body. Jackpot!

Your Diet is 80% of the Battle

While I understand that this might be the last thing you want to hear while traveling, the same rules you have while going to the gym apply when exploring. What you eat will count as 80 to maybe even 90% of how you feel and ultimately look.

Crash dieting during your trip won’t allow you to keep the mental acuity you need for discovering a new country or continent. Also, this way you won’t get into the trap of starving yourself once a small layer of fat becomes apparent.

Instead, prior to leaving, put it down on paper, know what you want to achieve. Built consistent and sustainable habits that will make you enjoy real food (i.e., apples, peanut butter, and chicken) and not junk.

The simplest way to do this is by putting together a kickass nutrition plan. For example, if you have a gym membership and a coach, ask them for their advice. They will help you devise a realistic program you’ll be able to follow, and then do your best.

As long as you consume a right amount of protein, vegetables, nuts, and fruits, a minimal serving of bread or pasta won’t break your progress.